Collecting Opaluus: Where and How To Find Some

Opaluus are like opal on earth, but so much cooler because it’s from cyber space. It has this greenish-gold shine that looks really cool with the light shining through it. You can found few Opaluus when the Ancient Travelers will drop some. They are very rare but the only place you can find it is

Trade your rare gems

Opaluus has two ways of interaction with the OpenSea market. You can simply trade and pay for the tokens in OpenSea market with any cryptocurrencies. Of course, OpenSea offers the possibility to pay with Ethereum too. Second, you can take advantage of Opensea’s Market to trade the tokens directly in the exchange. Just log in with you MetaMask and you will find the prices in multiples of your currency.

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Rainbow Opals on #Blockchain 🌈🦄

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Rainbow Opals on #Blockchain 🌈🦄

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